Thursday, August 13, 2009

Need Palettes and Paint wheels?? I Got U !!!

These Face Paint Wheels are only $15 each when others sell them for way more. I think this is the solution to anyone who is looking for vibrant colors but can have it ALL in one spot !! 12 grams of makeup in each Face Paint Wheel ! You can get these at WWW.FACPAINTCOSMETICS.COM

This is the infamous Vibrant Matte Palette for those girls who wanna look like a diva BUT doesn't want all that glitter and shimmer....I have something for everybody!! Each color is a WHOPPING 3 grams in the whole Palette you will get 24 grams of makeup!! come with a FULL size mirror with a 4 sponge brushes as well. It's $39.99 ....but at 3 grams each?? That's deal...Especially when MAC sells ONE pan that isn't even 2 grams for $14...So get your today!! Got to WWW.FACEPAINTCOSMETICS.COM

Are you ready for the best Neutral Palette out?!? For women who like to wear makeup but not ready to take that step and wear the blues and the greens...This is for you !! Being Neutral is beautiful as well....You can get this Neutral MATTE Palette for $39.99 as well. All of the colors are powder but Creamy as Heck !! They blend unbelievably and has close to NO FALL OUT !! Get Your today at WWW.FACEPAINTCOSMETICS.COM