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Anybody can wear makeup just have to have the confidence and it will be FINE !! Don't be scared to try colors!!

Some makeup pics of Freda !! These are some simple looks that anyone can pull off...Remember you can contact us by just emailing us at / !!

I really hope you enjoy my Blog spot for Face Paint Cosmetics !! If you have questions you can send them here. I will get back with you in under 24 hours because it comes directly to my Blackberry device. Remember Stay Pretty !! Angie~

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Face Paint Rep Freda Adams

This is Freda Adams...Freda is a business owner as well and she is a Freelance makeup artist and the name of her company is Fredrika's and she can do some awesome makeup!! She is a rep for Face Paint Cosmetics and will be the only other person doing tutorials on my website. You can contact her at / She is an awesome makeup artist and a GREAT friend. She is also on youtube and her page on youtube is FREDAFREDAR....Enjoy!! Isn't she gorgeous ?!?!

One of her Main sayings is "If you look good ~ Smell good..." and "Bringing your beauty from the inside out"...and when Freda comes to mind she is the epitome of just that, Beauty inside and out.

She lives in Laurel, Maryland with her wonderful husband Rodney and adorable Daughter, Kiya. One of her strengths as a professional makeup artist is her BLENDING skills !! She is BAD with the blending and just makeup application altogether which is why she HAD to be on my team ! Once again, she can be contacted at if you have any questions or just want to introduce yourself because you know me (Angie) and is not familiar with her....Smooches !

Welcome To Face Paint Cosmetics Blog Spot!!!

Learning Colors & Picking The Right Color Combinations

You guys will not believe they kind of LOVE I have been getting since I started my own makeup line ! From people stopping me at the grocery store to just giving little tips to ladies at work or my clients that I do makeup for. Everyone seems to want to know MORE !!! So this Blog was created to answer all questions due to me not being able to put all of this information on my website where you can buy makeup at WWW.FACEPAINTCOSMETICS.COM. Below is going to be the basis that everyone who is starting out in makeup should go by and as you all know, the color Wheel is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Some color wheels have more shades of these included, some have less, but it’s all the same concept. For makeup I suggest the use of one such as the one above.

Example 1:
Using the color of your eyes as a starting point.
Let’s say your eyes are Brown, and you want to do your eyes using two colors. Brown falls into the orange category. In this case, you could pick a color immediately next to it (something in the yellow family, like gold, for example. Or, something in the red family, like a coppery red, or a burgundy. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be the EXACT color, just something along the lines of it). As a second color, pick something directly opposite from it on the Wheel (like an indigo shade, or a pale blue, or even a blue-violet) to complement it. This combination of colors is sure to bring out the color of your eyes!
Example 2:
You want to use a color (let’s say green, in this case) but you don’t know what to match it with.
Basically you would use the same strategy; either go up or down in the same line ( doing a monochromatic look with different shades of green), pick colors that are right next to it (blues or yellows, to harmonize) or go crazy and pick opposites! In this Wheel, opposite green are reds and purples.
Keep in mind that neutral colors (black,White, gray…) go with absolutely anything, so you can add these to the mix whenever you want.

Example 3:
You are wearing an outfit of a certain color, but don't want to match your eyeshadow exactly to it.
Again, just choose either a harmonizing shade, or a complementary color.

Primary Colors

Colors that "cannot be obtained by mixing other hues, but one can produce all the other hues by mixing the primaries." (red, blue, and yellow)

Secondary Colors

Colors "made by mixing their adjacent primaries; for example, yellow mixed with blue makes green."

Tertiary Colours

"A mixture of primary and secondary hues: yellow-green is a mixture of the primary yellow and the secondary green."

Elements of a theory
When first learning about color theory, there are several elements to understand before getting into the aspect of makeup. First, there is the element of pigment; second, the three dimensions of a color; third, color harmonies; and fourth, color reflectiveness. Understanding all these elements is important, as they come into play in makeup color trends.

Pigment. All forms of makeup, be they water-based, oil in water, wax-based, cream, stick, cake or mineral, fall under the first element of color: the theory of color in pigment, which is what gives color its color. No matter what the pigment’s source, natural, chemical or mineral, the same color theory holds true.

The three dimensions. The second element of color theory to understand involves the three dimensions of a color.2 These dimensions help to more accurately describe color and include:

Hue—The name of the color, such as red, orange, yellow or green.
Chroma/intensity—The brightness or dullness of a color, or the measure of a color’s strength or purity; its saturation.
Value—How light or how dark a color is, corresponding with its position on a scale that runs from black to white with all shades of gray
in between. All colors have a gray value, as if seeing the same makeup or picture on a black and white television. The value of a color gives depth and dimension to what you see. It provides contrast, light against dark. In makeup, colors must be selected carefully so they don’t all have the same gray value, as that would result in the client’s face being uninteresting, washed out and lacking in definition and nonverbal communication.

Hue, chroma and value can all be measured separately and must be taken into account when designing a makeup or mixing product. When each of these dimensions is recognizable, it is easier to distinguish the relationships between colors.

Color harmonies. Color harmonies are the next important element in understanding color theory. The word harmony refers to a collection of parts that are aesthetically pleasing to the senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. In the world of color, color harmonies are a collection of colors that are pleasing to the eye and emotions. Color harmonies can inspire many emotions and be placid or exciting, cool and refreshing, warm and exhilarating, tantalizing and sensual.
There are five basic color harmonies used: analogous, complementary, monochromatic, achromatic and triadic. The following color harmonies are a guideline for selecting makeup colors for eye shadow, blusher and lip color.

Analogous—any hue on the color wheel with two colors to the left or two colors to the right of the hue; generally used for daytime and business looks
Monochromatic—variations in value and intensity of a single color; for a chic or elegant look
Complementary—colors opposite each other on the color wheel; often used for a sexy or sensuous look
Triadic—any three hues of an equidistant triangle on the color wheel; used for a fun look, with multiple colors in the wardrobe
Achromatic—a colorless scheme of black, white and gray, which could also refer to any neutral color going from its lightest value to its darkest value; for an elegant or a sophisticated look

Color reflectiveness. The final element of color theory is color reflectiveness. There are six common types of reflectiveness to be aware of:

Matte—no shine, can be opaque or translucent
Shiny—a gloss look
Metallic—highly reflective, bright, not see-through
Opaque—not see-through
Translucent—lightly fogged, barely see-through
Transparent—see-through, such as glass

I find this tool helps a lot for those days in which you are just stumped for ideas, or are unsure of what colors bring out your eyes more, etc. I hope this has helped you too, sorry if it’s a lengthy post! Any questions feel free to ask.

Basic Makeup Ideas

If you struggle when it comes to how to apply eye make then our easy to follow guide will tell you exactly how to apply Face Paint Cosmetic quick and easy especially if you have our shadow base that will make that color POP! and stay on all day and NOT crease.

My most frequently asked question when it comes to make up is, how to apply eye make up? Listed below is a step by step guide to show you exactly how to apply eye make up.


The key to using eyeliner is to choose what you feel most comfortable with. Eyeliner is available in liquid or pencil form and you should choose the one that is easiest for you to manage. A good eye make up trick is to use an eye pencil if you want to create a smokier look.

If you choose to put eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids, you should start with the top lid. You need to apply the eyeliner all the way from the inside of the corner of the eye, continuing along your eyelash line to the outer corner.

You may have heard of eye make up ideas where eyeliner is applied to only have the lid. This is a big mistake. Lining only the outside half of the eye will make your eyes look smaller.

Another of the eye make up ideas that you should avoid is extending your eyeliner upwards outside the corner of your eye. This will give you a very harsh look and is known as cat eyes.

Eye Shadow

Beautiful eye make up color is the key to getting your eye shadow right. You will also need to choose colors that complement each other. Medium color is used for the lower lid, with a lighter color for highlighting.But don't be afraid of color no matter what your skin tone it you just have to know how to "ROCK IT" and how to pair the right colors together and which colors compliment each other.

One of the best eye make up ideas for eye shadow relates to correctly applying they eyeshadow so you won't look like a fool or a circus clown. If you apply a Face Paint Cosmetics Shadow Base first this will stop your eye shadow from creasing.

You should apply your eye shadow by sweeping your brush across your eye lid ensuring an even color. You should never match your eye shadow to the color of your eyes. It makes your eyes disappear instead of standing out.


Mascara is one of the most commonly used eye make ups. It can also be the one that can have the worst effect if not applied properly. The following eye make up ideas will help to combat this. Remember applying this correctly will keep you from looking like Tammie Faye.

Before applying your mascara you should blot the wand on some tissue paper. This will avoid putting on too much. But if you do want to apply three times to get really thick eyelashes try to do it so it is not clumping up. But the healthiest way to get that look with out putting all that mascara on your lashes is to simply get a strip of eyelashes and it will almost double or triple the thickness and length your are trying to achieve. They do have shorter lashes that look realistic if you are not into the RuPaul looking eyelashes that I LOVE so much.

Start from the base of your eye lash line and work your way out to the tip. Mascara should be applied to both the upper and lower lashes. Keep in mind that they do sell lower eyelashes so you use the same alternative for your lower lashes.

One of the best eye make up ideas relates to achieving thick lashes. Thick lashes do not however mean large clumps of mascara. The key to success here is to apply several thin coats of mascara.

By using these eye make up ideas and tips you should be looking and feeling amazing in no time.

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